Privacy and Data Policies

We do have a proper legal document outlining the privacy policy, but here is a more direct overview of how Flying Sphinx uses and retains customer data:

Personal Data

The personal data supplied to Flying Sphinx by default is what comes from Heroku as an add-on provider: your email address. Flying Sphinx only uses this for communicating with you about any errors and issues related to your Sphinx setup, along with other essential customer information.

Your email address is only shared with a transactional email service, and that's for sending emails to you. There are no marketing emails, and your address is not sold or given to anyone else.

Your Sphinx data is stored and processed on Heroku and AWS infrastructure, but always kept within Flying Sphinx's sole control. It is not sold or given to anyone else for any purpose.

While Flying Sphinx may introspect into the structures of your data (the types and schema of your indices), we do not analyse the data within your Sphinx indices.

Data Storage and Retention

Your Sphinx data is processed on secure AWS EC2 servers, and backups are stored in AWS' S3 service. When a customer deletes their account, both their Sphinx data and account data is deleted immediately from the relevant EC2 servers, and their backups are deleted within 24 hours.

The backups are updated after any SQL-backed indices are processed, or hourly in the case of real-time indices - so, if you remove data from your Sphinx indices, these changes will be reflected within an hour within the backups.


The only cookies used on Flying Sphinx are for Google Analytics, and for maintaining your session when viewing an app's Flying Sphinx dashboard. There are no ad networks or other third parties involved, and if you're using a browser service that blocks Google Analytics, that won't stop anything from working.

An extended official cookie policy is also available.


Through the above details and policies, Flying Sphinx is compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation. Please do get in touch if further clarification is needed.